Monthly Archives: September 2008

bravo Ugandan surgeons!


I say bravo to Ugandan surgeons for tirelessly working hours to fix the sliced penis [dick] of Godfrey Ssemanda.

Ssemanda has had his penis severely cut off by his jealous-sick wife whose anger had been exacerbated by her husband’s marriage of a second wife.

Maama Gift Hellen had earlier burnt her husband’s car before slicing his penis and fled to God-knows-where.

But surgeons at Masaka referral hospital had not only successfully fixed Ssemanda’s penis, but also made sure that he regained his almost lost manhood. They applied the suturing operation method to join his penis, and confirmed that he will sexually function again.

Ssemanda has been released from hospital but left to battle the shock and trauma caused by Hellen, the 20-year-old woman he does not ever want to set eyes on.

I wonder what should be done to women who for whatever reasons cut off their husbands’ penis? It’s my opinion that all men in the world abandon such cruel and heartless women so that they realise that they cannot enjoy life in the absence of men. In a nutshell, I am against all forms of cruelty against human beings, irrespective of their sex, colour, religion or race.