court acquits facebook critic


president hosni mubarak

Press freedom advocates are celebrating the acquittal of an actor on charges of facebook insult and libel, the first of its kind in Egypt.

The actors’ union leader sued Hisham Bahaa El Din for criticising the union board’s performance on his facebook postings.

The latest verdict overturned an earlier conviction on 15 May when El Din’s was fined US $2,000 or in default spend two weeks behind bars.

El Din’s victory is an important step for Egyptian online bloggers and social networkers whose rights to free speech continue to be denied.

The government of Hosni Mubarak has been condemned for for its assault on its citizens for exercising their press freedom rights.


About musa

I am a Gambian journalist whose mission to use his pen to correct injustice and to tell truth to power was left to bite dust. My newspaper's contents and editorials became "too itchy" that I ended up in Banjul's mosquito-infested cells where I had to cope with three nights of horrendous tortures that left scars all over my body. I was forced to flee into exile with my family, leaving behind my beloved country and editorial desk in the hands of perpetrators. However, unlike most refugees, my two and half years in Senegal was well spent.

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