malawi to outlaw public farting


Malawian government’s proposal to introduce a bill seeking to prohibit public farting is generating a lot of attention in the country and beyond.

The proposed law, still being debated across the country, will criminalize public farting. In that, once enacted people must learn to hold tight that wasted in public, or else face the full brunt of the law.

The bill’s legality is already brewing tensions in the justice ministry, with officials mired in confusion. Justice Minister George Chaponda and Solicitor General Anthony Kamanga have yet to agree on whether public farting falls within the class of pollution law.

The southeastern African, one of the poorest countries in the world, boasts of significant growth in tourism mainly because of its many attractions, including beach lodges along Lake Malawi, national parks and wildlife. It’s murmured that enforcement of the proposed law is capable of harming the country’s already booming tourist growth.

Considered un-African, disrespectful and insulting to most cultures, no African country is yet to deal with public farting. It’s not clear what the new proposed law will offer those who unintentionally blow gas because not everyone is proud of farting. Malawian lawmakers need to take that into consideration if they are still adamant to outlaw public farting.


About musa

I am a Gambian journalist whose mission to use his pen to correct injustice and to tell truth to power was left to bite dust. My newspaper's contents and editorials became "too itchy" that I ended up in Banjul's mosquito-infested cells where I had to cope with three nights of horrendous tortures that left scars all over my body. I was forced to flee into exile with my family, leaving behind my beloved country and editorial desk in the hands of perpetrators. However, unlike most refugees, my two and half years in Senegal was well spent.

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